A video about Wearable Medical Adhesive Tapes Applications.

Wearable medical adhesive tapes and related flexible materials can be utilized at every stage of life, from neonatal to geriatric care. Tapes may be applied directly to the skin to protect sensitive body parts such as eyes and feet, heal wounds, or enhance body image with adhesive beauty aids. Skin-friendly tapes can also be used to dispense nutraceutical compounds to the body through a transdermal patch, conduct electricity, maintain thermal management, or adhere a wearable sensor to the skin such as a CGM monitor. Aggressive adhesives are used to hold together or join parts of a medical device, known as a tie layer, or used to protect the device from external conditions.


Knowing that medical adhesives and materials impact the quality of life, MBK Tape Solutions sources top-quality raw materials from 3M and other qualified suppliers to convert them into usable and wearable products. Whether the materials come into direct or indirect contact with the body, these substrates need proper biocompatibility testing and usage studies.

Adhesives need to be comfortable on the skin, strong enough to stick for the desired length of time required, and removed easily and gently when ready. Other factors to consider when selecting adhesives include wear duration. moisture management, breathability, and sterilization. The combination of adhesive and backing material needs to work together for the best performance and reliability.

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Specializing in healthcare, personal care, and food and pharma adhesive tape applications, MBK Tape Solutions has helped design and manufacture innovative wearable medical adhesive tape products for clinicians and consumers for the past fifty years. We provide the full spectrum of manufacturing solutions in an ISO 8 cleanroom environment, coating the adhesive to the medical backing material, then converting the material into parts and packaging the finished products. Capabilities include prototyping, die-cutting, multi-layer laminating, printing, slitting, island placement, and registration. For easy assembly, MBK can score, perforate or design extended or pull-tab liners.


Collaborating with designers and engineers to manufacture stick-to-skin wearable products has been a rewarding endeavor. Knowing that MBK has the expertise, experience, resources, and state of art equipment, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service and quality products available on the market.

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Video of Medical Tape Products used Throughout Life Stages


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