Defense aircraft are flying above the clouds.MBK Tape Solutions understands the critical nature of performance, reliability, and specification conformance when working with adhesive tapes in the aerospace and defense industries. Whether for commercial, private, corporate, or defense, we offer interior and exterior products and die-cut parts that meet OEM, Military, and MRO requirements with MIL-Spec Adhesives and are used in various stages of aircraft manufacturing, refurbishing, and maintenance.  Examples of applications include Composite Bonding, Interior Refurbishing, Surface Protection, High-Temperature Masking, Moisture Barrier, Painting, and Stripping and Thermal Management.

MBK sources adhesives, tapes, films, foams, and other engineered materials from high-quality manufacturers from around the globe. The MBK engineers will help you find the best material for your application and understand that certifications and test reports may be needed to complete your documentation requirements. We offer custom precision die-cutting services to help with assembly and cost-effectiveness.


Below are examples of applications and common tapes and materials used in the Aerospace Industry.


  • Anti-vibration and friction products for window shades
  • Carpet attachment to floors
  • Fastener retention tape
  • Fine line masking tapes
  • High Temperature Masking with temperature ranges up to 500°F
  • Media blast masking
  • Moisture barrier tapes to secure seams in aircraft air conditioning, aircraft duct and air handling systems and galley applications.
  • Protecting electrical cables, hoses, and wire harnesses
  • Sealing cargo area with flame-retardant tapes
  • Seating fabric attachment
  • Surface protective products
  • Temporary holding, marking, and protecting during maintenance and repair (MRO)
  • Window mask


  • Aircraft Paint Stripping Films
  • Cargo Panel Sealing Products
  • Cid Spec Liquid Adhesives and Epoxies
  • Cid Spec Tapes, Films, Foams, Foils and Adhesives
  • Duct Tape
  • Erosion Protection Films
  • Fed Spec Liquid Adhesives and Epoxies
  • Fed Spec Tapes, Films, Foams, Foils and Adhesives
  • FR Adhesives (Fire Retardant)
  • FR Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • High Temperature Masking Tapes & Films
  • Mil spec Liquid Adhesives and Epoxies
  • Mil spec Tapes, Films, Foams, Foils and Adhesives
  • Protective Products; Radome Protection, Leading Edge Protection, Fluid Barrier Protection
  • Silicone Foam & Rubber Products
  • Thermal Management Products
  • Vibration Dampening


Browse through our Product Catalog for adhesive tape and related materials used in the Aerospace Industry.  Call 818-998-1477 and speak to an MBK engineer to source a cost-effective material and design a manufacturing process that best meets your needs.


MBK Tape Solutions, a Boyd company, wants to be your manufacturing partner. We have the expertise, experience, equipment, and resources to provide innovative engineered solutions for your challenging issues. With material suppliers and facilities around the globe, we are regionally flexible and can produce your products in a timely manner, while protecting the environment with sustainable, lean operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint. From concept to large-scale manufacturing, MBK will deliver a reliable top quality product that best meets your specifications.