MBK Tape Solutions helps food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical manufacturers meet FDA government regulations as well as critical product and process issues with “FDA Approved Tape”. We specialize in manufacturing custom food-grade adhesive tapes and materials that meet the safety FDA Regulations for direct or indirect food contact, compliant with Title 21 CFR Parts 174-178.  These food-grade tapes are safe and effective while eliminating concerns over contamination and cleanup.

FDA tape products are commonly used in processing, treating, sorting, holding, packaging, and transporting food and pharmaceutical products. Applications include protecting guide rails, conveyor belts, storage bins, or any surface that comes into direct or indirect contact with food.

MBK supplies and converts adhesive tapes, polymer films, fabrics, and silicone sheeting that are FDA approved. We can custom slit material or produce specialty die-cut parts to custom dimensions. Our team of experts will help find a solution that best meets your application requirements.



MBK Tape Solutions is an experienced producer of custom adhesives that comply with FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact.


Below are examples of applications and common tapes and materials used in the Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries.


  • Chutes & Sorting
  • Masking
  • Metal detectable
  • Packaging
  • Patching & resealing
  • Pouch & polybag closure
  • Processing
  • Splicing
  • Stretchable palletizing systems for safe shipping
  • Tamper-indicating labels
  • Transporting


  • FDA Approved Films, Foams, Foils, and Adhesives
  • Freezer Grade Tapes
  • Metal detectable Tapes
  • Produce Tapes
  • Tamper Evident Tapes


Browse through our Product Catalog for FDA-compliant pharmaceutical and food-grade adhesives and related materials used in the Food & Pharma Industry.  Contact our sales team to help source materials and develop the ideal product for your application.


MBK Tape Solutions, a Boyd company, wants to be your manufacturing partner. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to provide innovative engineered solutions for your challenging issues. With material suppliers and facilities around the globe, we produce your products in a timely manner, while protecting the environment with sustainable, lean operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint. From concept to large-scale manufacturing, MBK will deliver a reliable quality product that best meets your specifications.