MBK understands the importance of creating custom adhesive solutions, which involves a variety of manufacturing material, equipment, and processes. With over 50 years of experience, we are proud to offer laminating services that can yield small prototype batches to full-scale production runs in our warehouse as well as ISO 8 Clean room.


Laminating Services | MBK Tape Solutions


As part of our converting capabilities, we offer a wide range of laminating services using numerous methods and materials to suit various industry-specific applications. From prototype to large-scale production runs, MBK Tape Solutions can deliver top-quality laminating services with quick turnaround times and adherence to strict industry standards and customer requirements.


Laminating allows us to join together similar or dissimilar materials. MBK Tape Solutions also adds adhesive to raw substrates, to form single to or multi-layer solutions. Our multi-layer laminations can then be die-cut, slit, or sheeted for ease of use. Laminations are typically bonded using heat and/or adhesive.

Our laminating capabilities include a variety of laminating methods, such as:


Also referred to as single-sided lamination, one-sided lamination is a popular method to protect one side of a material while leaving the other side bare for additional processes or applying an adhesive to that side.


This laminating method can protect or add adhesive to both sides of a material. Double-sided lamination provides materials with enhanced protection, durability, and product performance.


As an advanced laminating method, multi-layered lamination is used for material prep and when manufacturing a final product. Multi-layer lamination is commonly combined with other processes, such as die-cutting, for greater design flexibility and higher performance.


Adhesive laminating typically refers to a pressure-sensitive adhesive to one or more sides. With this lamination method, one film material features an adhesive coating that laminates to a second film. Adhesive lamination can be used with multiple layers until the desired film structure is complete.


Heat lamination uses heat and pressure to activate or promote adhesion of PSA’s adhesives in a material, allowing the plastic coating to securely adhere to the material. Heat lamination offers a variety of heat settings to accommodate various materials.


During flame bonding lamination, one of the base materials is held to an open flame to create a tacky surface that allows it to mechanically bond with the second material. This laminating method is most commonly used with flexible materials such as fabrics and foams.




    • One Sided
    • Two Sided
    • Multi-Layer
    • Adhesive
    • Heat
    • Flame


    Minimum– 0.250 in (6.25 mm)
    Maximum– 60 in (1524 mm)


    Minimum– 1 ft (0.3048 m)


    Minimum– 0.0005 in (0.0127 mm)
    Maximum– 2 in (50.8 mm)


    • Single Layer
    • Multi Layer


    • Adhesive Transfer Tapes
    • Single Coated Tapes
    • Double Coated Tapes
    • Cloth / Fabric
    • Films
    • Foils
    • Foams
    • Rubber
    • Cork
    • Magnetic Tape
    • Release Liners
    • Screens


    Minimum– 1 Unit
    Maximum– Unlimited

    • Prototype
    • Low Volume / Small Run
    • Large Scale Production Volume / High Volume / Large Run


    • Quoted on Job by Job Basis
    • 24 Hour Turn Around Time Available
    • Emergency Services Available
    • Rush Services Available


    • AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
    • BMP – Bit Mapped Graphics
    • DXF – Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
    • GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
    • JPG or JEPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
    • PDF – Portable Document Format
    • SolidWorks (SLDPRT,SLDDRW,SLDDRT)/li>
    • TIFF – Tagged Image File Format


    • Building – Construction, Fenestration, Carpet, Glazing, Tile, Woodworking
    • Display – Point of Purchase Display, Graphic Display, Signage
    • Electrical – Lighting
    • Electronics – Appliances, Computers, Telecommunications
    • Entertainment & Hospitality – Exhibitions, Conventions
    • Food Processing – Beverage, Agriculture, Fishing, Meat, Dairy
    • Government – Aerospace, Defense, Education
    • Graphics
    • Manufacturing – Converters, Fabricators, Extruders, Furniture, Textiles, Machinery
    • Medical & Health Care
    • Paper
    • Printing & Labeling
    • Packaging
    • Personal Care – Beauty Care, Fashion
    • Recreation – Athletic Goods, Sporting Goods, Arts & Crafts, Rubber Stamps, Toys, Games, Books
    • Renewable Energy – Batteries, Solar, Wind
    • Transportation – Aircraft, Automotive, Buses, Trucks, Trailers, Marine Craft, Recreation Vehicles, Trains


    ANSI – American National Standards Institute
    AS – Aerospace Industry Standard
    ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
    CSA – Canadian Standards Association
    FAA – Federal Aviation Administration
    FDA – Food And Drug Administration
    ISO – International Organization for Standardization
    Mil – Spec-Military Specifications
    RoHS – Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant)


MBK Tape Solutions is a full-service company for all your lamination needs. From custom-designed solutions to product and process improvement, MBK is there for you at each step of your product’s journey. Our team of laminating experts will work with you to bring your product vision to life, from concept through delivery. Our product development and design steps include:

  • Concept. From new ideas to improving existing products or processes, MBK can help. MBK’s laminating specialists work with you to help identify any challenges or areas for improvement.
  • Design. During the design phase, our knowledgeable team of specialists works with your designers and engineers to determine the right materials and adhesives for your product design and ensures an effective delivery system.
  • Production. MBK’s lamination team will choose the best converting technology for your desired material and results. Our custom manufacturing options accommodate your time-sensitive constraints and requirements.
  • Delivery. Once your product is complete, MBK will package and deliver your product according to your specific requirements. In addition to our convenient delivery service, we offer delivery schedules and customized fulfillment programs.


At MBK Tape Solutions, we offer best in class quality laminating services to meet clients’ needs for almost every imaginable industry. We utilize various types of lamination methods to accommodate a wide range of materials and product needs. Our team of experts will work with you from design to delivery to ensure your project runs smoothly and delivers the best possible results. To learn more about our laminating services, contact us or request a quote today.